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🇬🇧Looking for Shooting campaign game.

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Hi, i would like to recommend you play Battlefield Hardline, Call of Duty Campaigns or Zombie, Battlefield 3, GTA (with fps mode), half life alyx, farcry, Doom (1 or Eternal), Bioshock 1 | 2 | infinite, Dishonored 2, fallout 4 | new vegas, halo, sea of thieves, skyrim (in fps mode), wolfenstein. Hope it helps.

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Very good recommendations listed above already, I can only add Gears Of War series (1 to 5, all are great) if you're not looking exclusively for FPS. Awesome campaign in all af them, you won't be disappointed. 


My personal favorites when it comes to FPS are definitely Doom (2016) and Eternal, but you have to be into a fast paced, frenetic action and demonic atmosphere😈

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