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Hi everyone.

I remember from previous topics that @edjazoli25  was able to generate referral code for Peloton bike that will give him and my mom $100 off for accessories?

If so, could I have it as my mom definitely going for bike this week.


Could you please as well advice us how to use it and what can we choose from accessories? 


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  • Administrator

First of all, great choice! 
Tryst me, your mum as well as you will find this bike so handy, especially when it’s so miserable outside. Please do not hesitate to follow me “@milestorum” and tag  #milestorum. Here is the code that you should put in the checkout “8WAEWS” it will give you  $10🅾️ off for the total price of the bike. For me only it’s a £100 for accessories so don’t worry, you don’t need to add any extra accessories  to receive discount.

Take care and good luck for you all.🚴‍♀️

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