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🇬🇧 This is exactly why I love our community 💖

Michał Bruk

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  • Administrator

Thanks you so much for bringing this to us, we all understand importance of being kind and connect to another gamers, even the ones without any experience.This is why I’ve made this forum for all ages, races and beloved connect tiger as a one big “gamers family”. I think personally that now, in this tricky and how “alone” times we need to try to socialise with other even more that’s before.

Great video @Michał Bruk Thank you.

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13 hours ago, John24 said:

OMG it’s so cool! This is what we talking about, Xbox putting people together! Great feed my friend.

@Michał Bruk 👍❤️

Thanks so much for such positive feedback! It's great that you Guys liked this video, gives me hope for a better tomorrow for us gamers. Let's all stay connected and positive, it's so important nowadays. Cheers!👋

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    • By edjazoli25
      I am currently looking forward for this game, which I have been following since 2018.
      The plot of the game takes place in the world after the second Chernobyl explosion, when the so-called "Zone" is created, in which mutant creatures live and are explored by bounty hunters. The game is based on the novel " Roadside Picnic" and the movie "Stalker".
      We don't know to much about the game itself, but the latest trailers shows us "Skif" who seems to be the main character of the game - and that's it, waite and be assumed later this year ... I will  add as well that the acronym (STALKER) means "Scavengers, Trespasser, Adventurers, Loners, Killers, Explorers, and Robbers ”, which is for me everything that a good game should contain.
      What do you think about this next generation game ??

       I would like to add aa well a  little novelty from the technology of the game itself. The game will use, what is likely to be  implemented in most of the future games "A-World 2.0".
      It is controlling the state of the world of characters and mutants, making the world change and live itself.
      As Xbox Wire describes it, "Countless events and meetings will be happening at any moment - even if you are not around to witness them with your own eyes." (btw the game will be then around 140GB) lol🤣
    • By Michał Bruk
      Cześć 👋
      Wszyscy fani gamingowego westernu znają wspaniałą serię Red Dead Redemption. I słusznie, to świetne tytuły, grywalne i dopracowane do perfekcji. Ale! Jeśli jesteście spragnieni kowbojskich klimatów a RDR już za wami, koniecznie sprawdźcie Desperados 3, który dopiero co zawitał do Game Passa🤠
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      Każda postać ma swoje unikalne zdolności, które stanowią iście wybuchową mieszankę w rękach sprawnego gracza.
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    • By Michał Bruk
      Cześć 👋
      Czy mamy na grupie fanów Resident Evil?😀 Jeśli tak, to serdecznie zapraszam do dyskusji! Jakie są wasze ulubione gry tej znamienitej serii? Co w niej lubicie? A czego oczekujecie po nadchodzącym Village?
      Jeśli lubicie nie tylko grać, ale i oglądać gaming to zapraszam na swojego Twitcha, właśnie ogrywam Resident Evil: Code Veronica ♥️ Link poniżej, często gram także w inny tytuły RE😉
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