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Hi Guys👋


Please take 4 minutes of your time to appreciate this absolutely touching, heartwarming, and genuinely sweet video from Xbox official YT channel ♥️



I love gaming so much, and think there's a lot more to it than meets the eye 🙂 


When everybody plays, we all win ☺️ Have a good weekend Guys 😃

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Thanks you so much for bringing this to us, we all understand importance of being kind and connect to another gamers, even the ones without any experience.This is why I’ve made this forum for all ages, races and beloved connect tiger as a one big “gamers family”. I think personally that now, in this tricky and how “alone” times we need to try to socialise with other even more that’s before.

Great video @Michał Bruk Thank you.

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13 hours ago, John24 said:

OMG it’s so cool! This is what we talking about, Xbox putting people together! Great feed my friend.

@Michał Bruk 👍❤️

Thanks so much for such positive feedback! It's great that you Guys liked this video, gives me hope for a better tomorrow for us gamers. Let's all stay connected and positive, it's so important nowadays. Cheers!👋

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