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Hey everyone!! 🙃 coz of lockdown I started watching a new series called Riverdale! It’s amazing and 💯 % recommend it too u.

it’s literally amazing and might beat stranger things!! 🤪 so please check it out and if u have watched it no spoilers xD I’m on season 1

thanks 🙂

(it’s on Netflix btw 😁)

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  • Premium

Hello Harrison! 🙂 I have watched some of it when I had Netflix but now I don’t Netflix anymore :c I only watched season 1 and a small amount of season 2. There were only 2 seasons when I had it! It’s good tho! Are there more seasons? My favourite character is Jughead Jones

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  • Administrator

Fun situation, my girls watching this series as well. That saying that it’s a good series with dark mysteries and great crime storyline. 

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