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What language should I use when writing a topic?

You can start any topic in your  own language as  all the users can use automatic topic translation. You can also translate any topic and reply in your own language as well.

Can I start topic without Registration?

The answer is Yes, you can start the topic as a Guest using "Questions without registration" option -an a approval is required. However, we always encourage guests to register to gain full access to the Forum. 

Where and how should I add/start a topic?

Remember, this is a new forum and give yourself time to find all the options. * Browse the Forum, select the topic you are interested in and use the "Start a topic" button. * If you are not sure, just add a question in HydePark> Loose talk> Ask? (We will edit and post your topic in the right place ) * use different options such as choosing color, text size, upload photo, video etc, try not to add too big photos, we have limited them to 300 pixels max and this is the optimal view. Try and experiment, remember you can edit your text up to 20 minutes after publishing and you cannot delete it.

How can I best resize large images to topics?

You can use various free websites that offer free photo shrinking etc. The most common one that I personally use is www.tinypng.com

How will I know about a comment in my question/post?

When you approve a topic, you automatically watch the topic and if there is any response or reply you will receive an automatic notification when you log in. Below each topic you can choose whether to follow the topic. You can also add an RSS feed to your device to receive instant notifications when topics are added.

Can I promote/share my topics for "social media"?

Yes, you can easily share your or any other topic using applications like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Promoting content on our "social media" accounts is of course reserved for us only.

"Mark page as read" - what is this?

Imagine that you visit the Forum every day and you can check the unread content all the time (this is what we need from you 😉). However, if you leave xForum for a longer period of time, when you come back you will end up with a huge amount of posts that you may not want to read or select only a few?If you want to quickly clear the Forum click "Mark page as read" in the top left corner or when clicked on the menu on phones or tablets.

What should I do if someone uses cyberbullying against me on xForum?

We always take this matter seriously and always ask users to report this type of behavior. Please send me a personal message and don't worry, you are safe with us. We will investigate the user behavior as soon as possible.

Where can I find more information about the forum, rules, etc.?

In the main menu you will find the "User Zone" tab and under the "Forum Info" tab you will find all the necessary information.

What additional options do you offer in the Forum?

Additional things on the Forum include: *Clubs *Subscriptions *Advertising *Competitions. You can find more information in the further FAQ section.

Can I delete my forum account?

Yes, you can delete your forum account. Just write to the Administration and we will delete it within 24 hours. Remember that account deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.

Is it possible to remove the warning from my account?

Warnings are given for a limited time or permanently. If you want to get rid of it then you must write a message to the Administration with the reason why we should remove it. Messages like " I'm sorry, I won't do it again" will not be taken into account, because warnings are not given without reason.

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