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  1. TalkTalk, it was the worst broadband supplier in my whole life. I’m with Virgin now.
  2. My son connecting straight to the socket and he saying that it’s should be this exact way. No extensions etc
  3. @edjazoli25 yes I can see that. But the game its still installed on his console so we should be able to still use it?
  4. First job in my life was a waitress in local pub, easy money for teen.
  5. Hi Guys. I don’t know what to do so maybe some of you can help. My son was playing Darksiders Genesis for a while now and today he can’t play it anymore. We have checked and it’s installed on the console but simply can’t start it. Ideas?
  6. I don't even knew that I could use keyboard with console 🥲.
  7. Hi Girl. It’s a great game and £12 it’s a bargain.
  8. Hi, I’m not a computer wizard so for me it’s no difference.
  9. Great guys. I will give all the points to my son to use it for him. Thanks again. @ lilk_1h and @ Paulx5 congrats 🎉.
  10. This is mine little of art, if you go closer you will see the xbox-vibes under the left eye.
  11. I will say that it’s slightly smaller and the triggers on the back having some type of dots for better grip. You have as well the sharing button.
  12. Hi guys, I recently finished Maneater an open world game. It’s such a great game and I love open world style. Could you send me any open world games recommendations currently available on Xbox? Thx.
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