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  1. An quick update @SweetButPhysco12 we’ve done everything as you said and it works without any issues. Thank you.
  2. @edjazoli25 as you know I’m looking for one for my son. Will £45 do the trick and I will send you the postage label?? 😘
  3. Wow, maybe next time I’ll be more fortunate to win something. Congrats guys.
  4. My sons Xbox (series X) stuck on ”Who’s playing today”. We’ve tried to sing out and back in but now it’s a permanent message. We can’t move onto next page as controller not responding. We tried resyncing controller with console as well as new batteries, nothing works. What we can try next please? What can I do next please?
  5. Good morning. I’m planning to get new Call of Duty for my son as a Xmas gift. So, if anyone bought one, can I ask where and for how much? If you played already, what is it looks like, it’s appropriate for someone who’s 10? (He played few previous CoD’s)-probably will try myself as well.😜
  6. I’m not sure about LG as at the moment I’m looking for one to buy for my son. I think I will got for Samsung QN90A/QN95A it’s a great Tv, much cheaper than LG. I’m going for 55 inches and personally I think it is a great optimal size.
  7. Yes, it’s quite simple I am a Mum of two boys - 😹💪 @ MomOf2 .
  8. Home, home and one more home. It’s so easy to spend time with family without hassle and rush, car park space etc. Own food, feed up and we can watch together.
  9. @John24 I’m 100% sure that’s the case as I forgot to do it as well in the past. They should put in the instructions of the routers”remember to connect your Xbox!”
  10. Likes for everyone for a good breakfast. I’m typical British girl so porridge and milk plus honey.
  11. Thx everyone, @G-BOY why you are planning to buy later? You reckon it will be cheaper than now?
  12. Hi everyone. Is Diablo 2 a good game and its worth to have a go/buy it? Thinking to get it for myself and maybe my son.
  13. TalkTalk, it was the worst broadband supplier in my whole life. I’m with Virgin now.
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