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lilk_1h last won the day on August 24

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  • Birthday November 12

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    💕hey mammas💕
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    Roblox YouTuber

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    Minecraft or roblox

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  1. Happy bday my lord. Enjoy your time!

  2. OMG OMG!! TYSM FOR THE BDAY GIFT <33333 It means actually sm!! @ edjazoli25 gave me 1200 Robux today ! Thank you sm!! I’ll be sure to mention u in my next video!!
  3. Happy Birthday my friend ;x)

    Great YT Chanel BTW;/

    1. lilk_1h


      tysm!!! AH YESSSS

  4. Happy birthday!

    1. lilk_1h




  5. Party Fun GIF by Solar Impulse

    happy birthday 

  6. Happy Birtday!! Enjoy your Day...

    The Muppets Dancing GIF

  7. @ WarantX19 yh! i don’t think it was hackers but maybe, Facebook even changed their name!!!
  8. Hi guys!! As many of u know I love roblox!! ❤️ basically my child hood! So recently since 4am it’s been shut down! the roblox creators are not telling us anything! And of course of Tik tok, insta, twitter, yt and more they’re spreading tons of gossip abt what’s going on! no one knows exactly however you can’t talk to ur friends or anything! 😭😩 here is what people are saying… hackers, the chipotle update, update etc… But wouldn’t roblox tell us if there was some major update? Kinda creepy and suspicious…. Hopefully it comes back soon! Our streaks and rewards are all lost and all the YouTubers have nothing to post abt!! Let me know what u think xx
  9. SOOO yah made this < 3 kinda represents who i am aha~ 265CD7C7-4BB4-49E4-BFE9-B859ECA3DBB8.mov
  10. heloooo ive never been fishing 😄 wanna try tho!
  11. cinema coz its a whole other vibe lmao
  12. I actually don’t know 😂 my first name is Lily so I got that and just added the first letter of my surname making it ‘Lilk’ I was creating my new roblox account and couldn’t think of something to add so just added 1h 😆
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