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  1. Halo is definitely the best game of 2021 as a campaign and multiplayer. And Stalker will be probably the best 2022 as well after all the reviews and leaks. I know that @ edjazoli25 mentioned about this game years back and probably he will not be wrong about it.
  2. I would love to spend Christmas time and New Year’s somewhere on the small island away from everyone. Just me, sun, cocktails and peace.
  3. Switch controller on and then Pete the button showed on the picture below, hold it for few seconds. In this same time press and hold exactly this same looking button on the console, should be on the from face of the box. Now both lights should flash, faster on the begging and then slower until they both will stop. Your controller should work now. Make sure you done all the controller updates(you should have an message after pairing on the screen) Good luck
  4. I found for you the best digital and Disc prices for Vanguard. Digital- GTA Vanguard-£36.62 Disc- Currys Vanguard- £56
  5. Not sure with the ray tracing but definitely will give you fps boost up to 60 or even 120.
  6. Hi all. What is the difference between Forza Horizon 5 and Forza Motorsports? Is it still possible to buy tokens somewhere for Forza Horizon5 for quicker upgrades etc?
  7. I’m changing my mind as well, CoD is a copy paste game. I can’t believe it how short is the campaign-8hrs!! It’s a joke. Multiplayer crashes most of the time. Battlefield on the another side is so good, maybe it’s lack of campaign but solo option is amazing. The best multiplayer at the moment.
  8. @Johnax its a great idea. Question Game! I would like to know more about the xbox-vibes founder.
  9. £200 it’s a good budget. Below you will find me recommendations.
  10. Of course they will work. I never heard in my life about extra payment for upgrade.
  11. @edjazoli25 I will stick with the Contra, as I was in my teen while playing this game.
  12. @MomOf2 Even when the game is installed on the console won't work anymore while removed from XGP. As I have checked, yes, the game was removed from XGP on the 15th of August.
  13. @Rockboy I’m back in Germany and I saw a lots of Xbox series X for sale. No idea what happening in Uk? Why we having a shortage? I know, it’s crazy 😜.
  14. @edjazoli25 that’s true it’s no way you can connect wirelessly AirPods directly to Xbox console or the controller. Sorry mate. I’m pretty sure this is why Microsoft don’t want to have to much option for us as a buyers to use another brands.
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