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  1. @edjazoli25 that’s true it’s no way you can connect wirelessly AirPods directly to Xbox console or the controller. Sorry mate. I’m pretty sure this is why Microsoft don’t want to have to much option for us as a buyers to use another brands.
  2. Hi chaps. I'm back to England and I'm looking for a new game to play. Any game you can recommend me for weekend? I like shooters, adventures etc.
  3. Thx, I send you a chat message with my offer. Let me know your decision.
  4. Change my mind, can be send to UK as I'm coming back home today. Could you add the picture as well as the current one is not working?
  5. I'M playing Biomutant and a game that is so cool- Scarlet Nexus.
  6. Could you send to Germany? I will pay extra cost so I can make total of £15? Hopefully it's still available? Please let me know asap.
  7. I am a lorry driver so of course I voted for Need for Speed...
  8. I’m using EBay and Gumtree.
  9. As you can see I’m a lorry driver and done few changes in my life. For me probably an hour if everything goes to the plan, for you probably 2 hrs max. It’s very easy and cost effective as you saving an fortune on label. So what you need are: break pads spanners( common sizes, 10,13,17) hammer Car jack pliers and maybe a length of wood to retract the pistons Normally it’s only one or two bolts and job done. You’ll be alright.
  10. Yes, the game it’s awesome, of course on the begging you need to figure it out how to use backpack etc, but overall it’s a great game. Enjoy.
  11. Thank you so much, will definitely use it for new skin and some extras.
  12. Which country you are from? And yes the rare minerals shortage making everything so difficult.
  13. Its mine little fun art for a summer time
  14. “Like” for everyone!! I am an DIY person of course but most of the times loots of new equipment it’s not repairable anymore. Still doing lost of DIY at 🏡.
  15. I thought as well that will be right top, left bottom etc, but it’s true that make no sense as the RB it’s placed on the top? 🤔

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