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  1. They probably will be good for next generations as well. I've got one and I must say they are awesome my friend. Light, great control and sound.
  2. @Roddix definitely could be some dirt on the fan. try to use a compressed air but make sure is the one my friend for electrical components.
  3. Thank you, only asking as I heard that some of the gaming producent said to charge for game upgrades.
  4. we've got Spotnet and its rubbish, they asking for some extra money upfront and never send you correct data. 012Smile is the best.
  5. Hello my friends. If I will buy Forza Horizon, New Halo Infinite or any new game for my xbox One, it will be possible to play it on series X if I decide to upgrade my console in the future. If yes, how much will cost the upgrade? Thank you my friends.
  6. Hello, should I keep my console to be connect to ordinary socket or should I use some type of special power safety extension?
  7. Hello. I want to connect headphones with two cables to xbox controller, how can I do it?Can you help me my friends? I have two ends but I can’t plug both in?
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