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  1. Hi Guys. It’s must be a fan as I can hear it even when playing digital games. I ordered the spray last night so should be delivered today. Will let you know what happens after cleaning the fan. As well we have a few things around the house as my dad doing some renovation so I’m guessing that could be the problem( plastering, sanding etc)
  2. Hi guys, I’n the last few days I realised that my series X making a weird, buzzing noise while playing. I don’t know how long is like that as most of the time I’m using headset😕. Maybe I need to clean something? Fan?
  3. Hello everyone. As we are approaching September and last months of 2021, I’d like to know what new movies premier you are waiting for? For me the top 5 are Top Gun 2 Titane James Bond-No time to die Venom Dune
  4. @Guest Hassanaq The home button(x) will switch your controller “on”. Then press connection button and keep pressing until the home button will start flashing. This is the “connectivity button”
  5. @MomOf2 so as @edjazoli25 said the game is no on Game Pass anymore and [email protected] mentioned, even when you still have a game downloaded to your console you will not be able to use it anymore as the key that activating the game is going to be removed from Game Pass with the game(its like removing a disc from console)
  6. Yes I am. I have used member chat to send you all the info you need. Ty again.
  7. It looks better than I thought, yes, keep the hands like that with the Xbox logo guys.
  8. Hi 👋, Looking for Werewolf: Apocalypse to buy. My max price is -£14 including Uk delivery. Thx.
  9. Hi Guys, I’m Roddix and I’m new here. I like gaming and water sports. 

  10. Hi chaps, any chance that someone could do a logo for me in they spare time. Free of charge of possible please. Looking for kind of Angel with wings holding Xbox logo above the head.
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