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  1. @Hassanaq thx for reply👍)), I was looking for LG as well lol, Any more from different brands you guys can recommend or LG is the best as they advertising??😱
  2. Yes, its for free on mobiles only. You can't play it on the console unfortunately. Hey, you can still connect the controller to mobile if that will help you.Lomo
  3. LOL, a crazy girl with an awesome ideas and videos.........c> really coooooool.
  4. Hi, what brand and size of the 📺 tv will be the best for series X on the end of 2021? Looking for Black Friday and Cuber Monday offers. Thx for all the ideas.
  5. Definitely CoD as I’m fed up with multiplayer games. I’d like to go for a good camping instead. So, 🖖👋☝️CoD no1.
  6. Not sure about availability in Uk(USA) but All access is a monthly payment plan for console and Ultimate pass to get full access to the free games. It’s normally 0% and normally last 24 months. After that you can upgrade or simply keep the console. After that you need to buy yourself the Ultimate access.
  7. Thank you Guys for quick reply. And yes, @Charlie2001 this is very confusing “solo” and “single” 😂.
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