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Valentine's Day
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Aktywacja XGPU przy użyciu VPN
Przychodzę z pewnym pytaniem ponieważ ostatnio znalazłem XGPU na region USA na Kinguin za 6 zł. Wiem że gry można aktywować na inny region używając VPN, ale czy jest to również możliwe z Xbox Game Pass Ultimate'em? Czy będzie to wgle działać?

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Fake or Genuine Xbox Series & Xbox One Controllers? Are They Worthy Upgrades?
Hello Xbox friends, I'm about to buy a used Xbox controller but are these original Xbox Series Controllers to use on a PC (mostly to finish Shenmue 1, 2 & 3,  the father of open world games and open world genre- leveling up Ryo's martial arts skills RPG before moving on to the next popular open world games like Arkham trilogy and GTA 5 at least the extra missions in GTA and then others).
Or buying just a Xbox 360 wireless controller (I believe it's uses Bluetooth like the Series and One controllers?) will suffice, so I can save money?





Thank you in advance.
God bless, Revelation 21:4
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Cel obserwacji na Twitchu
Hejka chciałabym zapytać, poprosić was o pomoc w osiągnięciu celu osób obserwujących mnie na twitchu. Chciałabym spróbować w stremowanie ale do tego potrzebna jest widownia 😅 także zapraszam was serdecznie do wpadnięcia na kanał i zostawienia follow'ka.
Dziękuję każdej osobie 💖🤩
Link: https://www.twitch.tv/xfwiki
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What ammo I need for Starfield Old Earth Hunting Rifle?
Hi guys.
What ammo I need for Old Earth Hunting Rifle?
Where I can get the ammo from?
Where I can find what ammo I need for all my weapons?
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Question of the Week-End of 2023
Hi Guys.
Let question of there 2023!!
What gift did you get for Christmas?
What dream gift would you like to receive for Christmas?

TBH, I'm looking to receive nice pair of walking shoes. And my dream gift will be few months on the Island somewhere away from the world with my husband .
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Xbox Vs PS5
What are better between Xbox Series X and PS5 on the gaming console?
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Hey everyone, i just bough series X last week and would love to get some good games recommendations for someone who only played with PS? What games its must for Xbox?
As well happy to Dolan for multiplayer later on. Thx 
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Opine o Starfield.
Witam i odrazu pytam
Jakie są wasze opinie o Starfield, nie wiem czy zaczynać i bawić się w te eksplorowanie kosmosu?
Jak ktoś grał/ gra to chętnie poczytam przemyślenia
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Hi guys.
10th of November approaching fast and everyone waiting for CoD MW3. So there is a question every subscriber of XGP asking- is there CoD MW 3 will be available on XGP from day one???
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Mam takie pytanko.
Zawsze ciekawiła mnie gra Cyberpunk 2077 ale jakoś nie miałem czasu i za dużo kasy aby ja kupić. Jako że teraz jest na wyprzedażach i kosztuje mało to czy jest w ogóle sens grać w nią po tylu latach od premiery? 
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Converting Xbox Live Gold to 36 months of Ultimate for £122
Please check below step by step how to activate 36 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for returning users with Xbox Live Gold for around £122.
Remember to let your current subscription to runout completely 
To claim 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for around £122 as a existing user, follow the steps below.

Step 1
Buy 3 x 12 months of Xbox Live Gold (3 x £37)subscription from CdKeys, please use this link
https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live?mw_aref=Xbox-vibes as that will support our forum with some small fees, plus you will get extra discount.

Step 2
Activate the 3 codes you bought for 12 months of Xbox Live Gold at redeem.microsoft.com, without agreeing to enable recurring payments.

Step 3
Purchase 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription(1 x £8) 

Important!! Do not use cheaper  non-stackable option

Step 4
Activate the purchased code for 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at  redeem.microsoft.com. Once you have entered the code Microsoft will inform you that an automatic conversion of your accumulated subscriptions will be performed. Agree, which will earn you a total of 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.

Step 5
You're all set. You can now enjoy 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £122!

I would like to remind you that all methods are completely legal, proven and 100% safe
(If you have any question (do conversion for 12,18,20 etc....let me known in a comments below)
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How do I turn off Strava kudos notifications in my email specifically?
Hi guys.
How do I turn off kudos notifications in my email specifically? I can’t find any settings in Strava App under email notifications and it’s so annoying to receive all the emails just saying that someone gave you thumb up. 
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Netflix, co obejrzeć w weekend?
Pytanko, takie nieformalne o nadchodzącym wekendzie. Co polecacie do obejrzenia na Netflixie?
Seriale mile wiedziane. 
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What could Microsoft improve on with Xbox?
What could Microsoft improve on with Xbox?
For me-games!!!!! Come on since beginning of the year they haven’t release any good AAAA game. 
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Hiya, Roxie here.
I am Roxie, born and live in UK. Passionate Halo gamer. As you can imagine gaming taking 90% of my life, so yes, I’m still single. 
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Question of the Week/Pytanie Tygodnia #53✔︎
These days are going by so fast, we already have spring, and in less than 2 months summer so vacations too. 
What are your plans for vacation this year
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Can I play a Redfall solo or single player campaign?
I’m just about to install Redfall but before need to know if it’s possible to do a single play as I’m not a coop person tbh? 
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How to Connect Soundbar to Xbox series X/S
Hi Guys. 
Today I will explain how to connect and setup sound bar to Xbox series X/S using few different options. Another consoles looks almost this same, however the sound settings could be a slightly different 
Connection Way/Types 1. First way is to connect HDMI output from your console to one of the HDMI input ports on the soundbar, then a second HDMI cable need to connect the soundbar to the TV using ARC- or eARC-enabled ports on both, fully up to you. 

2. Second way is If you only have one HDMI port on your soundbar. Connect the Xbox Series X|S to your TV’s HDMI input using one of the eARC ports
Take a second HDMI cable, and connect the soundbar to the TV using ARC- or eARC-enabled ports on both.

3. Third way is when you don’t have ARC-enabled ports but optical ports instead on your soundbar and TV. Connect your Xbox Series X|S to your TV’s HDMI input
Use an optical cable to connect your TV to the soundbar. Simple, right?

Now it’s time to set up your console 
Good luck and add any comments/questions.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 worth playing in 2023?
Hi, I know there are a lots on bugs in the game but I love the story and long game play, so Is Cyberpunk 2077 worth playing in 2023? Let me know your thoughts pls 
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Is Redfall a good single player game?
Hi guys, lots of people talking about Redfall and how bad it is, not enough open world, not enough story, graphic etc. Please share your experience if you recently played a game. 
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Question of the Week/Pytanie Tygodnia #52✔︎
Which game you will move from Play Station to Xbox?

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Czy konsola xbox może być routerem/access pointem?
Zastanawiam się czy istnieje możliwość abym mógł użyć swojej konsoli jako access pointu? Wiecie, jak taki wzmacniacz jak do routera się podłącza aby przekazywał wzmocniony sygnał dalej na inne urządzenia.
Jak tak, to jak to można zrobić?
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W które Call of Duty można grać w dwójkę na podzielonym ekranie?
Moi Gracze mam pytanie. Czy we wszystkich grach CoD można grać w dwie osoby na podzielonym ekranie?
Jakie gry polecacie na podzielony ekran na dwóch??
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Question of the week- money vs memories.
thought i’d start a question of the week 🕺🏻🫶🏻
-> would you rather lose all of the money you earned this year or lose all of the memories you made this year?
my answer: lose all my money, it’s only the start of the year, and i made some really good memories already i can’t imagine losing.
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