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Can’t play FIFA offline on Xbox Series X.
Hi, as you know my son have an Xbox series x and he want to play FIFA offline. However, they are lots of updates and game/console want to be connected to Internet??
Its there a way to play offline or maybe he should reinstall the game? 
Or maybe it’s something wrong with console itself? 

  • 7 replies

Account permanently suspended for reasons out of my control, is there a way to refund my purchases?
So basically what happened was I was hacked by a hacker, contacted support about 6 times, first got told everything was fine and my password was reset, everything was not fine and the hacker reset it, recontacted support, got told to wait 24 hours then contact support again, waited 24 hours and contacted them, got told that I would then have to wait up to 72 hours, and now after like a week of contacting support I was told that my account has gotten permanently suspended and I am now writing this at 3 am. As you can probably tell, I am very pissed that I had to wait a week, just to get told that my account is locked and everything I have done with the account for years is gone. I do not know what to do now, so I have resorted to the Xbox community. One of the things that sucks the most, is that on the game Minecraft, I have a lot of progress which I am willing to give up if needed (preferably not because I have cosmetics that cost even more money although they were gifted to me). I was wondering if there was any way to refund my purchase on the game, and maybe even keep my account. And if I do have to lose my account, would I be refunded for the real money gifted cosmetics I have been given? Because it would really suck to lose them and not be able to get them back. This is my last resort, so I am completely relaying on the community for help. Thanks for reading this ridiculously long message, and please if you know anything tell me.
  • 3 replies

Paysafecard i płacenie za gry na xboxie?
Hejka, szybkie pytanie zanim się zagłębie w Paysafecarda, czy można go używać do płatności na xboxie? 
  • 3 replies

Issue with connection on Xbox Series X
Hi Guys. Sometimes when Im not using console for a week and Im switching it on, its not connecting to services or can't start the games? Its like I need to sign in everytime and after that when I'm  starting game its saying me that I need to sign in to Microsoft Shop? Sometimes do not even starting the game, simply taking me to the home screen. Any ideas...?
  • 6 replies

Accessories for Xbox series X
Hi Guys, I save a bit of money over the summer due to seasonal work. 
I’ve got £400 and wondering how to spend it?  I’m thinking more about Xbox series X accessories, charger, another controller, something cool? Any ideas pls?
Thank you I’m advance. 
  • 5 replies

Xbox Series X Physical Games Offline

I would like to buy an Xbox Series X, but I would like to know if it’s possible to play physical games without ever having an internet connection?

I know I need a connection for my first Xbox Series X launch and physical games who work on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. However, I would like to know if physical games who play only on Xbox Series X and not on Xbox One work without internet? Without ever having an internet connection?

  • 8 replies

Xbox-Vibes Harvest 2022
Hi Guys. 
Here we are, Harvest 2022!
As usual I will put day to day updates including images and videos. 
So here we go-day two- starting early in the morning 5am with OSR to go first.
Great conditions, dry and correct moisture.
  • 16 replies

xbox accounts with good games for sale
Change email and phone number possible. Looking for legit buyer
Thank you (:
  • 5 replies

Question of the Week/Pytanie Tygodnia #46
A dream place to spend your holidays?

Wymarzone miejsce na spędzenie wakacji?
  • 11 replies

Charger for xbox series X controller.
Hi guys. Im looking for some type of charger for my xbox series X controllers. Can I use something like a charger and kind of "resting" gizmo for controllers?- sorry, I don't know how you naming that gizmo. So if you could guide me and find one I'll be more than happy. Its a UK region and I can spend up to £25 for it.
  • 3 replies

Dobry fotel do grania.
Siemka, zamierzam sie na kupno fotelu do grania, wiecie gamingowego. I jakoś nie wiem na co patrzeć. Cena, marka, kształt? Doradzacie?
  • 10 replies

Game of the month May 2022
As usual we are looking for Best "New Release" and "Game Pass" game for March 2022
Appreciate all your comments and likes.
I will add that mine votes goes to Sniper Elite 5 as a best new game and as well a free add to XGP. What a brilliant game!
  • 7 replies

🇬🇧Xbox account-“Sorry, there’s a problem with the credentials that you’re using to sign in”
Last last night after changing my password and log in with correct details my Account stopped working. There is a message that says “Sorry, there’s a problem with the credentials that you’re using to sign in. Go to https://account.live.com to fix the problem”
What could be the problem?
  • 7 replies

Logo for xbox-vibes forum and xbox profile.
Hello Everyone.
I checked in previous topics and its looks like some of you can do free logos/ profile images for xbox profile etc. It's any chance that I can have one as well?
Thank you 
  • 4 replies

Hi everyone
Hi everyone, I’m Sebastian from Uk, just got my new Xbox from dad. Nice to meet everyone 👍;>
  • 5 replies

How can I play xbox original game on xbox 360
I have, the great escape for xbox original how can I play it on xbox 360. It says I might need an update to play it , anyone know how to do this
  • 11 replies

Game of the month June 2022
We are looking for Best "New Release" and "Game Pass" game for June 2022
Appreciate all your comments and likes.
Mine votes goes to To the Moon and Beyond and Chorus.
  • 2 replies

FORTNITE modes  “Build”🔨 vs “No Build” 🚫
Hi guys. 
As some of you know already Fortnite added new “no build” feature to its game. The new mode, for me personally, it’s a good move and I prefer more “no build” than old mode.
Today I’m asking you, which mode you prefer and why??
  • 8 replies

What to watch this weekend?
His guys, I will have the whole Weeknd off and would like to know what you will recommend me to wach. Could be Netflix or Disney...and I'm talking not only about movies.
  • 7 replies

Question of the Week/Pytanie Tygodnia #45
🇵🇱Najlepsze śniadanie w upalny dzień
🇬🇧The best breakfast on a hot day
You can add the recipe 
  • 8 replies

Looking for Xbox games to buy.
Hi guys, I’m looking for used games to buy prefer Uk if possible 
Metro Exodus
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Tomb Rider 
CoD Vanguard
If you can’t sell your own games could you pls help me to fine a good bargains. 
  • 8 replies

Steering wheel for racing games Xbox series X.
Looking for a steering wheel for racing games as Need4Speed or Forza Horizon ? I found this one but not sure if it’s compatible with the game or console?
Genesis Seaborg 400
And another question, it’s true that steering whee need to be compatible with the game? 
  • 5 replies

Which do I need Gold or Ultimate to play online?
Hi everyone, Which I need to play games online with another members, Gold or Ultimate??
  • 6 replies

Free Games!! Metro Exodus & Tom Clancy-Division 2
Hi guys, I’ve got two games to give it away completely for free ( you only paying postage) 
I’ve got Metro Exodus and Division2 
Uk and Europe only, If you fancy to spend extra few bucks for delivery can send Worldwide. 
Pm or chat me for more info. 
Pics will be added later today 
  • 11 replies

Question of the Week/Pytanie Tygodnia #43
🇵🇱Wolałbyś mieszkać na wsi czy w mieście?
🇬🇧Would you rather live in the countryside or in the city?
●Describe why this choice  
  • 7 replies

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